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More than 200 volunteers are working for Artemed Stiftung . Thanks to them, 150 projects have been carried out and several thousand hours of work have been invested in the health care of our patients. The interaction of the expertise of medical professionals, commercial experts, technicians and environmental scientists brings our projects forward.

M.A.T.E. stands for Medicine- Administrative- Technical- Environment.

But there is also support in organising fundraising events. Whether readings, concerts, raffles or bazaars - the tireless commitment of all our M.A.T.E. team members contributes to the success here as well.

For us, it is worth its weight in gold to be able to fall back on the support and knowledge of our team.


Seien Sie live dabei!Spendenevent der Artemed Stiftung am 20. November 2022

Erleben Sie spannende Einblicke in unsere Projekte in Bolivien, Tansania und Myanmar. Freuen Sie sich auf exklusive Berichte, interessante Interviews und ein interaktives Rahmenprogramm...


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