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What will I leave behind for my fellow human beings and the world when I pass away?

How reassuring it is to make provisions in good time and to be able to arrange your personal circumstances today in the way you wish. With a will, you create clarity and can decide freely about your belongings. Your advantage: You can make provisions for the people you really want to.

Many also have the wish to do good beyond the end of life. This wish can be realised by donating to a non-profit organisation such as Artemed Stiftung . The advantage here is that the Artemed Stiftung is exempt from inheritance tax - you thus directly support the work of the foundation locally without any part going to the state.

By making a donation in your will, you have the opportunity, for example, to bequeath your assets, or part of them, to the Foundation. You can take your individual wishes into account and freely dispose of the distribution of your assets. Furthermore, you can bequeath a sum of money to Artemed Stiftung in your will by means of an inheritance or legacy.

Help us to shape the future and leave your mark with your support for a future worth living - even beyond your existence.

If you are also thinking about investing part of your assets in the health care of sick and helpless people, we will be happy to assist you in a confidential discussion.

Nancy Schinkel

Nancy Schinkel

Donation management

Nancy Schinkel takes care of your donations and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Artemed Stiftung.

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