The Irrawaddy Delta Health Education Project

Das Präventionsprojekt I.N.G.E. der Artemed Stiftung kümmert sich in Zusammenarbeit mit den lokalen Dorfbewohnern um die gesundheitliche Aufklärung der Bevölkerung im Irrawaddy Delta und um die Entwicklung der Dörfer.

I.N.G.E. stands not only for the name of the late Inge Seefried, whose last wish was to work intensively for the people in the Irrawaddy Delta, but also for "Innovative Non Government Education".

The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to raise each individual's awareness of hygiene and health and, on the other hand, to consider together with the villagers how life in the village can be improved in the most meaningful way. In joint meetings with representatives of the village, they consider what is most urgently needed and desired. This could be toilets, for example, or ways of disposing of waste.

Artemed Stiftung - Project I.N.G.E
Artemed Stiftung - Project I.N.G.E
Artemed Stiftung - Project I.N.G.E

Das Projekt wird in Kooperation mit Meikswe Myanmar durchgeführt, einer burmesischen Organisation, die wir seit vielen Jahren kennen, mit viel Erfahrung in der Präventionsarbeit und Dorfentwicklung.

In a first project period, three villages in the Irrawaddy Delta were supported, which wanted to have toilets on the one hand and a system for waste disposal on the other. Since the projects have been very successful, the work is now to be extended to other villages.

We also appreciate your support for the project!

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