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Donation opportunities

Donation opportunities


This is how you can support our work:

Donation account:
Artemed Stiftung
IBAN : DE50 7002 0500 0009 8584 00
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

100% of your donation goes to our projects.

*The administrative costs of Artemed Stiftung are borne by the parent company, Artemed SE.

Jetzt spenden!

It depends on you! Give people in need the gift of health with your donation!

Regelmäßig spenden

Make our work plannable and support us regularly!

Launch fundraising campaign

Make a difference for our patients and start your personal fundraising campaign!

Donation gifts

Give the gift of "health" or wish for a donation gift

Become a supporting member

Join the Friends of Artemed Stiftung e.V.

Help later

Leave something lasting with your legacy

Donate in case of death

Giving hope with memorial donations

Fines and penalties

Support us as a judge or public prosecutor through assignments!

Donate without money

Helping through digital solutions with clicks and purchases


Frequently asked questions about donations to the Artemed Stiftung

Seien Sie live dabei!Spendenevent der Artemed Stiftung am 20. November 2022

Erleben Sie spannende Einblicke in unsere Projekte in Bolivien, Tansania und Myanmar. Freuen Sie sich auf exklusive Berichte, interessante Interviews und ein interaktives Rahmenprogramm...

Do you have questions about your donation?Contact us directly at Nancy Schinkel.

She will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your donation to the Artemed Stiftung

+49 (0) 815 89077067

100% of your donation goes to our projects.
The administrative costs of Artemed Stiftung are covered by the parent company, Artemed SE.


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