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About Us

Our vision


"Our vision is a world where every person has access to healthcare and is treated with dignity."

It is our wish that all people - regardless of origin, gender and orientation - receive such good medical care that they can lead a self-determined and good life. Because so much more than personal well-being depends on health. For us, health is a human right.
For years, our parent company, Artemed SE, and its clinics have done their part to improve the situation through donations to other charitable organisations and one-off relief efforts. However, the desire for strategic, long-term and sustainable aid grew more and more, so that finally in 2012 a foundation of its own was established - the Artemed Stiftung.

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Our mission


Every day, the Artemed clinics and homes help hundreds of people to become healthy according to the latest scientific findings. A privilege that is out of reach for around two billion people worldwide. We therefore see it as our mission to bring healthcare to places that have so far been excluded from it, within the scope of our possibilities.

Provide medicine

Relief of pain and treatment of acute illnesses are the first priority in order to provide our patients with fast and close help to recover.

Imparting knowledge and education

We want to provide such good education in our projects that everyone can take care of themselves to be as healthy as possible.

Develop concepts

Infrastructure and technical requirements are often the basis for enabling medical care. Therefore, we address all areas that guarantee sound care.

Our standards


Social Development Goals of the United Nations

The United Nations has set 17 goals to promote sustainable development worldwide on an economic, ecological and social level. The Social Development Goals (SDGs) also address the health of all. "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages" is how the goal is defined and this is precisely where Artemed Stiftung comes in.

By promoting access to general healthcare for all patients in the project countries of BoliviaMyanmar and Tanzania, and in particular the health of mothers, newborns and children, the work of Artemed Stiftung lays an important foundation for making the United Nations' definition of the goal a reality.

Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals:




Advisory bodies


The work in the projects is comprehensive. We are not only confronted with medical challenges, we also repeatedly encounter problems of a technical nature on site. Over the years, advisory committees have been formed that find solutions to acute problems across projects, create medical and technical standards and work out work instructions.

We show transparency


There are no uniform publication obligations for non-profit organisations in Germany. However, on the initiative of Transparency Deutschland e. V., numerous actors from civil society and academia have defined basic points that every civil society organisation should make accessible to the public.

We are responding to this call because, as a fundraising organisation, we consider it our duty to tell the community what goals we are aiming for, where the funds come from, how they are used and who the decision-makers are. We signed a corresponding self-commitment declaration (PDF) on 8.1.2014.

Our foundation team

Dr. Veronika Hofmann-Valet

Dr. Veronika Hofmann-Valet


Dr. Veronika Hofmann-Valet has been in charge of Artemed Stiftung since it was founded in 2012 and took over the position of Managing Director in 2013.

08158 / 90770-67

Benedikt Lenz

Benedikt Lenz

Project management

As project manager at Artemed Stiftung , Benedikt Lenz is primarily responsible for implementing the foundation's projects and coordinating assignments abroad.

08158 / 90770-68                        benedikt.lenz@artemed.de

Nancy Schinkel

Nancy Schinkel

Donation management and administration

Nancy Schinkel takes care of your donations and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Artemed Stiftung.

08158 / 90770-67

Dr. Inga Beck

Dr. Inga Beck

Freelancer in public relations

Dr. Inga Beck supports Artemed Stiftung as a freelancer in the area of public relations.