The Mother and Child Centre in Bogale

The mother-child centre of Artemed Stiftung is unique in Myanmar

The Mother and Child Centre in Bogale

46 out of 1000 children die in the first years of life in Myanmar

The Mother and Child Centre in Bogale

The majority of women in Myanmar have no access to prenatal care

About the project


In the future, we will offer prenatal care, postpartum care, medical examinations of children up to the age of one and health education in our mother-child centre - in close coordination and cooperation with the state hospital in Bogale. Several midwives, a gynaecologist and a paediatrician take care of the women and infants. Women can come for prenatal care 6 days a week. This includes a precise anamnesis, blood tests, an ultrasound examination if necessary and recommendations on nutrition, hygiene and behaviour during pregnancy. Women with postpartum symptoms are also treated. In addition, children in their first year of life can receive three preventive check-ups. The programme is supplemented by information events on health topics as well as further training for medical staff.

With the Mother and Child Centre, we can save the lives of thousands of women and children every year with simple means.

Pregnancy care according to WHO


At least
3 visits to a medical facility for examination

At least
1 ultrasound examination

Intake of recommended and necessary micronutrients such as folic acid, iodine, magnesium and iron

The situation of mothers and children

Since the beginning of our work in Myanmar we have been observing with concern the state of health of pregnant women and children. Maternal and child mortality remains high. 170 mothers out of 100,000 pregnant women die in Myanmar due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth, among children 46 die out of 1000 live births. Myanmar is thus still far from the goals of the World Health Organisation.
Reduce maternal mortality
to below 70 per 100,000 live births
Senkung der Kindersterblichkeit < 5 J auf 25 / 1000 Lebendgeburten

The main problem is that the majority of women do not have access to screening during pregnancy. On the boat of Irrawaddy River Doctors these are already well established. But in the wider area of the Irrawaddy River Doctors there was no facility geared for this. Without screening, complicated cases cannot be detected in time and sent to hospital. If the birth then starts as usual in the women's own wooden hut, it is usually no longer possible to take the women by boat to a clinic far away. There is then no rescue for mother and child.

In addition, the women are insufficiently informed about important nutritional rules or the supply of micronutrients and are therefore much more susceptible to problematic pregnancy outcomes and malformations in the children.

This is where the Mother and Child Centre comes in with its work to improve the health of women and children in the Bogale area.

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