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The medical and organizational support of the Irrawaddy River Doctorsis also in constant demand in refugee camps in Myanmar . Our medical team provides treatment for the refugees. To alleviate the hardship in the camps, we also pragmatically organize school desks and distribute food. 

Because Myanmar is - not only since the military coup on 1 February 2021 - a politically unstable country. The population consists of 136 different ethnic groups, some of which have been striving for independence for decades. Militias and armed groups, especially in the remote regions, fight against the Burmese military time and again. The biggest conflict is certainly the expulsion of the Rohingya Muslim minority from Rakhine State to Bangladesh, which has led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. But numerous other people are also repeatedly fleeing fighting in their home villages. According to the UN, there are several hundred thousand people, some of whom have to live in forests and rudimentary refugee camps.

336,000 people
are on the run

1 million people
are dependent on humanitarian aid

37% of which are children

*Source: United Nations

Furthermore, the general situation of the population has deteriorated dramatically since the military coup. Since February 2021, entire sectors of the economy, such as the textile industry, have collapsed. More and more people are unemployed and are streaming out of the cities back to their home villages in the countryside - including in Bogale township. Suddenly there are even more people to support with less money than before. For many families, it is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to buy the food for their daily needs.

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