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Challenges in Tanzania


The Tanzanian health system lacks many things - especially the lack of roads, poor communication facilities from the remote regions to the cities and the lack of staff in the clinics. Due to an unequal distribution of financial resources, only 15% are available to care for 90% of the population. There are more trained professionals than vacant positions - 2,000 doctors alone are without employment - but the Tanzanian state lacks the funds to hire them. There has been a hiring freeze since 2015.

Medical care in the big cities, such as Dar es Salaam, is comparatively good. In the more remote hospitals, competence is continuously decreasing and the number of patients per doctor is increasing. In the district hospitals, such as St. Walburg`s Hospital , there are about 1,000 patients per hospital bed and about 1 doctor per 100,000 inhabitants. Maternal mortality in the Tanzanian bush is one of the highest in the world, so a high-risk pregnancy without medical care is life-threatening for mother and child.

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