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Every 3rd person on earth has no access to adequate health care. We are changing this!

Irrawaddy River Doctors

Das Team auf unserer schwimmenden Hausarztpraxis hilft in Myanmar täglich Patient:innen, die fernab von medizinischer Versorgung leben.

Street Doctors

In drei fahrenden Kinderpraxen kümmern sich drei Teams bestehend aus Ärzt:innen, Zahnärztinnen und Sanitäter:innen kostenlos um das physische und psychische Wohl der hilflosen Straßenkinder von La Paz, Bolivien.

St. Walburg's Hospital

The hospital in the Tanzanian bush is the only place to go in case of illness for 90,000 patients every year.

It all depends on you!

In order to give patients the help they deserve, we need your donation.


M.A.T.E.s sind unsere Unterstützer:innen und bringen unserer Projekte voran. Wollen Sie unsere Vision mit uns wahrwerden lassen?

Health for all - everywhere - sustainably!

We usually only realise how important health is in times of illness. We are lucky if we then have the opportunity to see a doctor or go to hospital. But very many people in the world do not have this privilege. We have the means to change this and together with our volunteers, donors and supporters, we create places where people in illness and need can get help who would otherwise be excluded.

In our work, we concentrate on a few projects in which we are intensively involved over the long term. Because the provision of buildings, infrastructure or equipment does not make medicine. Only long-term personal exchange and continuous training create change and ensure that the people on the ground receive adequate care.

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Erleben Sie spannende Einblicke in unsere Projekte in Bolivien, Tansania und Myanmar. Freuen Sie sich auf exklusive Berichte, interessante Interviews und ein interaktives Rahmenprogramm...


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