Irrawaddy River Doctors

8.000 Kinder in Myanmar werden gegen Parasiten und Moskitos, die schwere Krankheiten übertragen, geschützt

Irrawaddy River Doctors

In Myanmar there is only one doctor for 100,000 people

Irrawaddy River Doctors

1,000 pregnant women in Myanmar can be accompanied during their pregnancy every year.

Irrawaddy River Doctors

50 € costs the treatment of a family at the Irrawaddy River Doctors

About the project

The Irrawaddy River Doctors are on duty with their floating GP practice on the Irrawaddy River in the south of Myanmar. Thanks to the Burmese doctors and nurses on board, medical care can be brought to the remote villages of the river delta. 16 villages in the Irrawaddy Delta are on the route of the Irrawaddy River Doctors.
Every month, up to 200 patients are treated daily. Treatment rooms, an ultrasound and ECG machine, medicines and a small laboratory are available. A dentist with a practice is also on board. In addition to treating acute cases, prevention work in the villages and schools is an important pillar of the work of Irrawaddy River Doctors.
Irrawaddy River Doctors_Ship

A Burmese team saving lives

The medical team of Irrawaddy River Doctors consists of a doctor, a dentist, three nurses, a laboratory assistant and a ship's crew of twelve. Due to the establishment of a branch of Artemed Stiftung in Myanmar , all staff members are employed by us on a long-term basis with an employment contract.

Since 2016, Thang Min Len has been managing the project in Myanmar together with his wife Su Myat Oo.

Close exchange with the M.A.T.E.s

Die Zahl der Patient:innen steigt stetig. Um dem Anstieg gerecht zu werden, ist es wichtig, dass die medizinischen Standards weiterentwickelt werden und Arbeitsabläufe optimiert werden. Darum kümmert sich unser deutsches M.A.T.E.-Team im Einsatz vor Ort oder durch Webinare. Durch den regelmäßigen Austausch und ein monatliches Reporting sowohl im medizinischen Bereich als auch in finanzieller Hinsicht können wir eine transparente Steuerung des Projektes garantieren.

Medical Advisory Board

The medical advisory board of Artemed Stiftung is constantly taking care of defining the project strategy, planning the missions professionally and has the acquisition of important equipment and the establishment and expansion of various prevention and screening programmes on the agenda.

What we do



  • Family practice 

  • approx. 1800 patients per month

  • Laboratory for diagnostics, ultrasound, ECG

  • Medical guidelines & medicines according to WHO standard

  • Recording of patients according to ICD classification


  • Pre-natal care

  • Preventive check-ups for babies under 1 year of age

  • Worm prophylaxis for children

  • Midwifery training

  • Prophylaxis against malaria and dengue fever


  • Dental practice

  • 300 patients per month
  • Extractions

  • Tooth preservation through fillings

  • Prophylaxis


  • Training of the population on hygiene, dental health, avoidance of smoking when cooking and on diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Hein Hthe Te Kos History


The little Burmese boy Hein Hthe Te Ko no longer has a mother. She died giving birth to him six months ago in their hut in the remote Irrawaddy Delta. With a preventive check-up during pregnancy, the mother's death could have been avoided in all probability. It is relatively easy to foresee complications during birth and to avoid them with a planned caesarean section in hospital.

But the reality for most women in southern Myanmar is different. Very few have the opportunity to have their pregnancy medically accompanied; there are simply no services available. Thus, the approximately 10% of all women who experience complications during childbirth are left to their fate. With the clinic ship of Irrawaddy River Doctors , Artemed Stiftung already brings prenatal care to some remote villages.

Together we are stronger


Since 2016, we have been cooperating in the "Delta Docs" working group with the Swimming Doctors and the Amara Mobile Clinic, both of which are also active in the Irrawaddy Delta. In regular meetings, we exchange information on topics relevant to all three of us, such as medical standards or developments in the health care system in Myanmar .

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