About the project


In addition to treating acute illnesses, it is always important to us to strengthen prevention and get to the root of health problems. For this reason, we have launched a Community Healthcare project in the vicinity of St. Walburg's Hospital in Tanzania. An employee has been employed at the hospital specifically for this purpose. She is exclusively concerned with strengthening the health of families in Nyangao.

At the beginning of 2021, a project was launched that specifically addresses the issue of child malnutrition in the region. The primary goal is to work with local doctors and in cooperation with the communities to develop and implement a comprehensive concept to combat child malnutrition.

Project development and training for the population


From the paediatric clinic attached to the hospital we know that there are always cases of severely malnourished and developmentally delayed children. In the first phase of the project, the goal is to develop a good data basis. These data represent important information about the nutritional situation in the region and, moreover, they provide initial indications as to what the exact reasons for malnutrition among the children might be.

In addition, the hygienic and family situation of the affected families is assessed and it is recorded how long the mothers breastfeed their children and to what extent older children are given nutritious food.

In addition to recording the data, however, initial measures are already being taken to improve the nutritional situation. Here, the focus is on the educational work of St. Walburg`s Hospital to make the population understand which foods help to ensure a balanced diet.

In addition, contacts were made with various decision-makers in the municipalities in order to give this issue more urgency.


First successes of the healthcare project


Fortunately, it has already been possible to help some children in a very concrete way. They have been able to make up for their deficits with special food in hospital and at the same time their parents are being trained in the basics of healthy eating. Take Munifu, for example, who was born with 3,000 g, but did not put on any weight in her first months of life. When she was five months old, she was transferred to St. Walburg’s Hospital, where she quickly put on weight.

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