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Among other things, Artemed Stiftung thrives on the expertise and commitment of our M.A.T.E.s. This abbreviation stands for Medicine - Administrative - Technical - Enviromment and covers all the areas from which we bring help to our projects as Artemed Stiftung . Whether it is a doctor, a nurse, a technician or a commercial expert - we are happy that support from all the necessary disciplines comes to our locations and that external partners also actively contribute to strengthening the Artemed Stiftung projects.

100% of your donation goes to our projects.

*The administrative costs of Artemed Stiftung are borne by the parent company, Artemed SE.



We are always happy if you are interested in improving the health of the people in our outreach locations. Please understand that we are not always able to send all specialities on missions.

We mainly need support from the fields of general medicine, internal medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics, surgery, paediatrics, pneumology, dentistry, physiotherapy and hygiene, as well as from the caring professions.

But it is not only medical support that is needed. Technicians, engineers, business people and other forward thinkers are also welcome to support our projects with their knowledge and energy.

It is important that you have a good knowledge of English (for Bolivia a good knowledge of Spanish) and already have at least two years of professional experience. Experience abroad in Third World countries would also be an advantage. All assignments are at your own risk.


First meeting

Before the assignment of our M.A.T.E.s, we discuss in detail which tasks are to be carried out during the stay, how the knowledge and skills can be optimally used and how long the stay will last. A personal meeting to get to know each other and discuss the handover is therefore very important to us.



The costs and planning of your journey will be taken care of by Artemed Stiftung. If you start an assignment, you will be covered by health insurance for abroad through Artemed Stiftung . Accident insurance can also be taken out after consultation.

Depending on the location, we recommend an assignment of 10 days to 3 weeks. The arrival and departure takes about 2 days each. A private holiday can be added to the assignment to get to know the country even better.

The necessary visas must be applied for at the respective embassies yourself, we will be happy to assist you with this.

On site

On site, you will be met by our local teams and accompanied to the field sites. You will also be brought back to the airport after your assignment, if necessary. You will have a contact person on site who will be ready to help you with any concerns you may have.

The climatic conditions on site can be very hot and hot-humid. Please give your body the time to get used to it. The same applies to the food at our project locations.

Please do not expect the same conditions as in Germany. You are travelling to developing countries with all their beauties, but also inconveniences. The accommodation - as well as living conditions - are very simple. But the friendliness and gratitude of the people makes the mission probably the most valuable journey of your life.

Impressions of the work at the Irrawaddy River DoctorsYou can find impressions of our work in the film by Dr. Christoph Sabersky. Click here...


After use

Within two weeks of completing the assignment, we ask for an internal report based on a standard template and photos of the assignment. For Tanzania, we also require a report in English, which will be forwarded to the St. Walburg`s Hospital will be forwarded to the We also ask you to be prepared to hand over topics to the following participants so that the next teams can continue the tasks they have started. We also report on the missions on our homepage and on Facebook. Please contact us if you do not wish this.

Helping in the long term

In principle, we strive for our M.A.T.E.s to be committed in the long term. We form specialist groups for the individual projects to focus on specific topics and regularly exchange ideas. We are also pleased when staff members go on repeated assignments. If you are interested in such long-term cooperation, please contact us.

You want to help on site?

Apply for a relief assignment with us!

To do so, fill out the application form as precisely as possible and upload your CV and a short cover letter that includes your motivation. We will then check how and when you could fit in with your profile for an assignment.

No new applications for foundation assignments can currently be accepted.