Education and scholarships

Sustainable training for better health care

From the very beginning, the education and training of professionals has been one of the most important pillars in the work of Artemed Stiftung. In the long term, local people should be able to solve their own challenges, and our task is to empower them to do so. We therefore regularly award scholarships to particularly talented staff members who we believe can later be a great support in their field.

With your donation, give one of our scholarship holders the knowledge to be able to sustainably improve the situation in their country.

Our scholarship holders

Portrait Msagati

Dr Francis Msagati

Specialist for internal medicine


After completing his medical studies, Dr. Francis Msagati worked for several years in the St. Walburg`s Hospital in Nyangao. He stood out due to his high sense of responsibility and great curiosity and was therefore promoted to Medical Director of the hospital at an early stage. His greatest wish was to be able to train as a specialist in internal medicine, but for financial reasons he did not have the opportunity to pursue this path. The Artemed Stiftung is now enabling him to continue his training with a three-year scholarship, after which he has committed to a further 5 years at the St. Walburg`s Hospital committed. With his additional qualification, he will be able to make a significant contribution to improving the treatment of patients in Nyangao.


Sospeter Nyagabona

Trainers for nursing staff


St. Walburg’s Hospital in Tanzania also includes Sr. Thekla's Nursing School, where nurses and caregivers for the hospital receive in-depth training so that they can then provide patients at St. Walburg’s Hospital with the care they need. Sospeter Nyagabona has been working as a nurse tutor at the school since 2014 and is doing good and important work in training new nurses in Nyangao. With the help of Artemed Stiftung , he has been studying for a Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Bugema University in Uganda since 2018. In future, the nursing school will also be able to offer training leading to a diploma for nurses. This will significantly and sustainably improve the quality of nursing care in the hospital.


Dr Masanja Kasoga (pictured with Angelika Hartmann at the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist Kempen)

Specialist in gynaecology


Dr. Masanja Kasoga trained as a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics at Muhimbili University in Dar Es Salaam from 2018 to 2020 with the support of Artemed Stiftung . He then returned to Nyangao at the top of his class to apply his new knowledge and practical experience in the St. Walburg`s Hospital apply his new knowledge and practical experience. It was his personal wish to use his knowledge to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates at birth, which are still very high in this rural region of Tanzania. Too often, he has experienced the situation where he and his colleagues did not know what to do to save the lives of women and children. A situation that he could no longer accept and that he wanted to change with the help of better training. He has committed to staying in Nyangao for at least 5 years. We are very happy about this commitment and are sure that he will do a lot of good as a medical specialist and medical director in Nyangao. St. Walburg`s Hospital will do a lot of good.

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