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Challenges in Bolivia


To escape the poor opportunities in the countryside, many people move to Bolivia's largest city, La Paz, because they hope to find work and prospects there. However, often only destitution and hopelessness awaits them. Children are hit particularly hard because they often become orphans, are abandoned or run away from violence and unbearable family conditions. More than 6,000 children end up on the streets. They spend the night under bridges, in cemeteries or in the entrances of houses, and eke out a living during the day by begging, shining shoes or stealing. They often don't know their age or their full name and fall through the cracks as unregistered citizens. Many of them take drugs at an early age to escape the harsh reality, and girls in particular are fair game for gangs, pimps or johns. Likewise, many children live with their parents in prison under inhumane conditions. Once you have seen these children, you will never forget them. The Artemed Stiftung would like to give them a little protection and hope and improve their living situation.

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