February 14, 2024

On assignment in Tanzania: Solveig and Ralf Groß


The couple Solveig and Ralf Groß have been supporting us in our various projects for many years. We benefit from their very different expertise: Dr. Groß is a gynaecologist and also has extensive experience in working with foreign hospitals. Mr. Groß, on the other hand, is an IT specialist and has already made great technical progress in the past, particularly in our partner hospital in Nyangao, Tanzania.

Last fall, we were once again able to get the two of them to work at St. Walburg’s Hospital .

During her stay, Ms. Groß was primarily involved in obstetrics and also took care of the maintenance of the laparoscope purchased in 2022(we reported). She also spent some time looking at the hygiene on site. Of course, her work was also strongly influenced by the ideas and suggestions of our gynecology team, so that cervical screening, for example, also played a major role.

Mr. Groß's main task this time was to take measures to prevent major damage in the event of a total power failure. He also took care of updating the IT system and brought along a telephone system that makes communication in the hospital much more professional. Previously, staff communicated via their private cell phones, which was unacceptable for both security and accessibility reasons. Now that the system has been installed, there is an internal telephone network.

We are grateful that we have such wonderful people at our side, who support us and our partners in Tanzania with help and advice, and of course we hope for their continued voluntary support.

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