April 12, 2024

Help in Playa Verde


This week, our Street Doctors from La Paz, Bolivia were on the road in the Playa Verde region, among other places. The village is located a good quarter of an hour's drive south of the capital on over 3700 km. The population living there is extremely poor, and the infrastructure is very poor. The nearest medical care for the people living there is in La Paz – an almost unreasonable possibility without means of transport.

Again and again, one of our three outpatients drives to the area to be there for young and old patients. The spectrum is wide: help can be offered from the treatment of acute complaints, prenatal care and dental problems. Preventive examinations and check-ups can also be carried out if there is sufficient time. These are enormously important – especially in children – in order to detect and combat undesirable developments, malnutrition or other diseases at an early stage.

Just as relevant and important as the health care is the emotional support that our employees provide there. A sympathetic ear for the problems of the parents, encouraging words for the young people and a few minutes of nonsense with the little ones achieve so much and have a positive, lasting effect.

You can see that in the pictures the team sent us last night. We are happy for our colleagues in Bolivia and, of course, for everyone we have been able to help.

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