April 17, 2024

Monthly report from Tanzania: News about the St. Walburg`s Hospital


At St. Walburg’s Hospital in rural southern Tanzania, thousands of patients are treated every month who would otherwise have no access to healthcare. The Artemed Stiftung supports the hospital in fulfilling this important task. Every month, we receive a detailed report from the hospital management about the activities and development of our cooperation. Here is the information for the month of February.

Patient numbers:

January February
OPD 4695 4457
Under-five 1086 832
Pregnant (ANC) 407 218

(Major & Minor)

422 191
Physiotherapy 205 180


Current status St. Walburg’s Hospital

In February, the first quarterly meeting 2024 of the clinic management took place at St. Walburg’s Hospital . The main topic of discussion was the recruitment of new staff. Among other things, consideration was also given to inviting politicians who are responsible for work permits. In addition, the current status of the 3-year plan was discussed and the next steps were outlined.

World Patients' Day was celebrated at the clinic on February 11. As part of this, health check-ups were offered and carried out in the surrounding communities and villages. The activities took place over three days, during which almost 200 people were examined. Blood donations were also called for on four days in various villages. Which was successful.


From 03.01.2024 - 07.02.2024 Anna Müggler and Simona Schmid were on assignment in Nyangao with Artemed Stiftung . The midwife from Freiburg and the physiotherapist from the children's therapy center spent their one-month stay primarily providing care and support in paediatrics.

Community Healthcare and Outreach project:

In February, 62 women were screened for cervical cancer and 1073 children received routine vaccinations. In February, 34 children were also diagnosed with iron anemia during screening: 14 girls and 20 boys. Plans were also made to add new villages to the outreach program. Among other things, information material in Swahili was prepared for this purpose. Initial meetings have been arranged with the community leaders.

This month's workshops focused on the preparation of healthy complementary foods for babies and toddlers, as well as information on the possible addition of nutritional supplements such as iron in the event of a diagnosed deficiency.

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