February 5, 2024

A ray of hope in the 'war of attrition'


It has now been three years since the Myanmar government was brutally overthrown by the junta. Three years in which the country has suffered violence, abuse and fear. Attempts by rebels and other resistance groups to overthrow the government have almost all ended in bloody battles in favor of the dictatorship. According to estimates, over 4,400 people have died since then and over 25,000 have been arrested; the country's economy has shrunk by 10% and the rural population in particular is threatened by increasing poverty and famine (we reported - among others: 01.02.2021, 09.02.2021, 19.04.2022, 13.08.2022)

Any efforts to restore peace in the country through Western sanctions and diplomatic channels are rebuffed by the military government, which continues to attack armed opponents and the civilian population.

For a few weeks now, however, it has looked as if there could be a turnaround. An alliance consisting of three different movements, known as the "Three Brothers Alliance", has recorded initial successes in large parts of the country in the fight against the junta. Large parts of the north of the country have already been recaptured, and the government has also suffered setbacks in the south.

Of course, the civil war is also having a significant impact on the work in our projects in Myanmar our projects in Burma. Our Burmese employees are working in constant fear, financial resources are becoming scarce and the deployment of German helpers is not only very complicated, but also dangerous. This affects both our floating clinic, the Irrawaddy River Doctors as well as our mother and child center in Bogale.

Even though we have been able to continue our work despite all the difficulties, we naturally hope that the tense situation will improve. Perhaps we can now look to the future with a little more hope and continue to believe that we will soon be able to provide the many people in the Irrawaddy Delta with the urgently needed medical aid with fewer obstacles.

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