February 8, 2024

Outreach in the slums


Yesterday evening, February 7, 2024, we received these pictures from our Street Doctors team in La Paz. Yesterday they were once again on a mission in the poor neighborhoods of the city. Many families took advantage of this free offer to approach the team's doctors with their health problems.

Our dentist was also there, who unfortunately had a lot to do as usual: poor dental hygiene due to a lack of clean water, toothbrushes and toothpaste leads to severe tooth decay and rotting teeth. This often affects young children. Untreated caries in primary teeth can also have serious consequences for permanent teeth. In addition, the bacteria often lead to infections in the oral cavity and other diseases. Many cases of malnutrition are also caused by dental problems, as pain when biting and chewing, especially in small children, can lead to a refusal to eat.

In addition to treating acute problems, the patients were also examined as a precautionary measure, for example to detect malnutrition or anemia in good time. In many cases, early intervention can prevent serious and sometimes chronic consequences.

However, the Street Doctors' presence and medical care have not only alleviated pain: They also showed the many people in the neighborhood that they care about their health and well-being, and that they all have a right to proper care and, above all, dignity. Our team was thanked by many smiling faces - and we thank them from afar for allowing us to share in this through the pictures!

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