June 21, 2024

Important installation successful


After the good news last week from Myanmar(we reported), we can report something good again this week: After a very long and tough process, batteries have finally been installed on our floating clinic Polli. These now enable the entire technical operation of the ship to be powered by the solar system: This not only saves on the cost of electricity, but also makes an extremely important contribution to environmental protection.

The story actually began before the coronavirus era, when the batteries were sent to Myanmar . Unfortunately, the circumstances at the time due to the pandemic and the military coup did not allow them to be installed directly as planned, so they were stored on site. According to the manufacturer, the products were guaranteed for ten years - even at constant temperatures of 50 °C. Storage therefore seemed unproblematic. However, when it was possible to re-enter the country and the batteries were to be installed, it was unfortunately discovered that the material had suffered extremely: it was completely unusable! The manufacturer was contacted and the situation was discussed with him. Fortunately, the manufacturer was very quick to be accommodating and provided new batteries. Again there were problems with import and customs; the installation was further delayed.

Nevertheless, important preparations could already be made on board during this time. Among other things, a room was insulated and equipped with air conditioning to house the batteries. This ensures that they are not exposed to the constant tropical heat.

And then the time had finally come: the important delivery could be imported and installed on the boat.

"Good things take time" - even if you sometimes no longer believed it: The wait and, above all, the tireless attempts have paid off: for the employees on site, the patients of the Irrawaddy Delta and, last but not least, for the global climate!

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