June 12, 2024

Good news from Myanmar


Today we have some very good news from our Irrawaddy River Doctors (IRD) in Myanmar to report: Our long-time dentist Dr. Kyaw Zay Yar Min, who was active on the floating clinic Polli, is back on board after a break of almost a year. He had to leave IRD in the summer of 2023 due to family circumstances, which meant that significantly fewer patients with dental complaints could be treated. Although the team had tried to compensate for his loss as best they could, his experience and professional expertise could of course not be replaced. He had previously worked on the boat for over five years and was therefore more familiar with the problems of the people being treated, the available equipment and the special situation on the Polli than almost anyone else.

When our local manager Susu Myat Oo (Susu) heard that Dr. Kyaw Zay Yar Min would like to come back, she did not hesitate for a second and made his return possible as soon as possible. Both Susu and Dr. Kyaw Zay Yar Min are very happy: "I am very happy to be back on the boat with the Irrawaddy River Doctors We are also very happy that we now have such a competent doctor back in the team.

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