April 7, 2024

"My health - my right!"


Today is World Health Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) established this day to draw attention to the important topic of health every year.

Throughout the WHO European Region and around the world, the right to health of millions of people is increasingly under threat. Diseases and disasters are one of the main causes of death and disability. Conflicts destroy lives, cause death, pain, hunger and psychological stress.

Burning fossil fuels is driving the climate crisis and at the same time depriving us of the right to breathe clean air, as indoor and outdoor air pollution kills one person every five seconds.

The WHO's Council on the Economics of Health for All has stated that at least 140 countries recognize health as a human right in their constitution. Yet in too many countries, laws guaranteeing the right of access to health services for the population are not passed and enforced in practice. This underlines the fact that at least 4.5 billion people - more than half of the world's population - were not fully provided with essential health services in 2021.

This year's motto, "My Health - My Right!", was chosen to campaign for the right to health for all people. Not everywhere in the world do people have access to high-quality health services, education and information as well as clean drinking water, clean air and good nutrition.

We at Artemed Stiftung are committed to creating strategic, long-term and sustainable medical care for all people in the world and thus enforcing the right to health worldwide. It focuses on projects in MyanmarTanzania and Bolivia. In addition to the provision of medical infrastructure, the aid campaigns focus on personal interaction with local people.

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