March 22, 2024

Cooperation in the Irrawaddy Delta


For almost a decade, the Irrawaddy River Docotors and the Swimming Doctors have been working to bring medical care to the remote areas of the Irrawaddy Delta.

The Irrawaddy River Doctors are supported by Artemed Stiftung , while the Swimming Doctors are an initiative of Stiftungslife. The teams of the two ships Polli and Futura cover different areas of the river: while the Polli sails the delta of the river around Bogale, the Futura is responsible for the area southwest of the capital Yagon and in the vicinity of Pyagon. The ships are similarly equipped and the personnel have the same expertise. Naturally, the problems to be solved are also very similar, so a lively exchange between the responsible parties has always been of great added value for both teams. As this cooperation has always worked very well, it has now been decided to intensify and optimize the collaboration. In particular, the project managers of the two medical teams will cooperate more closely, share experiences and tackle problems together.

We are very much looking forward to this joint future, from which our patients in Delta will certainly also benefit.

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