November 21, 2023

Thank you for being there!


"A little bit of luck...", sang pianist Charlie Glass last Sunday (19.11.23) at our big fundraising event, echoing the wish of everyone involved: "A little bit of luck" for the people in our projects, who would get a much better life as a result.

Our experts reported on what this happiness can look like in an informative and entertaining panel discussion, which could be followed live via an online stream. The recording of the evening can be found under Donation event.

Radiologist Dr. Amir Bigdeli, who has been working for Artemed Stiftung for a long time, launched the initiative together with AI (artificial intelligence) start-up entrepreneur Dr. Julia Moosbauer. He explained the joint initiative, in which AI is being used in our Tanzanian partner hospital to St. Walburg`s Hospital for the early detection of tuberculosis, a common disease in Tanzania that is often detected too late.

The Managing Director of Artemed SE Prof. Dr Rainer Salfeld also had his say. He first spoke about the current plans for the overall renovation of the hospital and then presented the innovative "stove project", in which the traditional Tanzanian way of cooking on three stones over an open fire is to be replaced by a so-called "rocket stove"(see report on page 10). He hopes that this will not only reduce the number of respiratory diseases caused by the high concentration of soot particles in households, but will also help to curb global carbon dioxide emissions.

The presentation was accompanied by impressive photos from Tanzania and livened up by an interview between Managing Director Dr. Veronika Hofmann and engineer Dr. Gernot Strube, who designed Artemed Stiftung's own stove, the Artejiko.

Sr. Dr. Ulla-Mariam Hoffmann (senior physician for palliative medicine) and Mr. and Mrs. Herting gave hope: Since her first visit to the hospital, Dr. Hoffmann said, a lot has happened and developed. In particular, the conditions in the intensive care unit and hygiene had improved significantly. A short film also showed the hospital's diverse prevention work in the surrounding villages.

Mr. and Mrs. Herting impressively illustrated how their commitment and charity has already led to major, positive changes. They appealed to everyone to share in their good fortune.

We can only agree with this and would like to thank everyone who supported us, tuned in and donated on the evening: Because, as we all know, happiness shared is happiness doubled!

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