August 3, 2023

Children help children


Once again, some of the Year 3 pupils from Großweil - Schlehdorf Primary School came to school with sweets and other snacks.

"Action must be taken here," thought class teacher Ms. Schumann. The idea was not to ban sweets as a matter of principle, but to make the children aware of their own consumption. This gave rise to the idea that the children should not spend their money in the supermarket at least once, but donate it to a child who really needs every penny.

The class was immediately involved! It was decided to collect money for Artemed Stiftung so that a street child in Bolivia could receive medical help for a year.

The third graders raised over 30 euros - a great success, not only for the child who benefits, but also for the proud class! And of course we are happy too!

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