March 11, 2023

Good education is everything


Education is the be-all and end-all when it comes to eliminating global inequalities. In the medical sector in particular, the still very inadequate healthcare provision in many places can only be sustainably improved with well-trained staff.

One of the most important tasks in almost all of our assignments in our projects in BoliviaMyanmar and Tanzania is therefore the training of our colleagues on site. Our specialist staff from the M. A. T. E. team are primarily available for this purpose. With illustrative objects and information material adapted to the respective cultural conditions, introductory and further training courses are regularly held on various topics. The target group is also very heterogeneous and ranges from nursing staff to senior physicians.

In spring 2023, gynaecologist Dr. Solveig Groß visited Myanmar to conduct midwife training courses. The focus was on the correct treatment of unexpected complications in newborns, such as respiratory distress.

Dr. Groß had taken special baby dolls with her on her trip. These react like a real body to correct or incorrect ventilation techniques. This meant that the participants not only had the opportunity to see an impressive demonstration of correct resuscitation during the training sessions, but also to practice it themselves.

Dr. Groß reports lively participation and great interest in her course and it is therefore to be hoped that the content and what has been learned will not only be applied in everyday life, but also passed on to other colleagues at Myanmar .

There is also a short video on our Facebook channel.

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