February 16, 2023

As a midwife in Tanzania


It was the second time that Ms. Nurith Frövel - a midwife from Falkensee, Germany - had been on a mission with Artemed Stiftung in Tanzania. St. Walburg’s Hospital was in Tanzania. This enabled her to identify changes since the last time (April 2022) and provide more targeted help in the clinic's day-to-day work. In the delivery room, she paid particular attention to compliance with hygiene regulations, such as cleaning the room with disinfectant. She was pleased to see that most of the things she had introduced during her last visit were still being implemented.

In addition to the daily routine, she was also responsible for providing training for Tanzanian staff (midwives and doctors) in the field of obstetrics. The focus here was on palpating the cranial sutures during a vaginal examination. Thanks to the intensive collaboration with the local team, it was also possible to discuss a number of suggestions for improvements and purchases. One of the greatest needs is the purchase of new birthing beds and a warming lamp for babies. The possibility of offering antenatal classes for pregnant women was also discussed, which would also contribute to women's empowerment.

Ms. Frövel also used the stay to strengthen the connection to her colleagues in Tanzania; and so she also did a lot in her free time with the Tanzanian team: both to her delight and to the delight of the Tanzanians.

We are very pleased to have such great and committed people like Ms. Frövel in our M.A.T.E. team and hope that she will continue to be involved in one of our projects.

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