October 16, 2022

Laparaskop arrives in Tanzania


Back on August 23, we reported on the desire of St. Walburgs' Hospital in Tanzania and Dr. Kasoga to improve his surgical skills. To this end, it was decided to purchase a laparoscope, which can be put into operation after professional installation and instruction in Nyangao. Initially, it will be used for gynecological procedures, such as ectopic pregnancies.

To this end, Dr. Solveig Groß travelled to Tanzania in September. The gynaecologist installed the device on site and instructed Dr. Kasoga on how to use it. Interested and motivated, he and a few of his employees followed Dr. Groß's instructions. After a few hours of training, they will now be able to operate the device themselves. In order to guarantee cleaning and maintenance, we also received input from our hygiene team, who wrote a detailed manual on sterilization and gave it to Dr. Groß. During future visits by our volunteer doctors from Germany, Dr. Kasoga and his team will have the opportunity to clarify any questions that arise and receive further training.

The device will therefore be used routinely in the coming year and will also be used for operations outside the gynecological field in the medium term. We are very pleased about this great cooperation between the international team.

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