September 10, 2022

Monthly Report from Bolivia: News from La Paz


In La Paz, thousands of children struggle to survive every day because they have no access to medical care. Our Street Doctors are there for the children and look after their well-being in three mobile practices. The teams, consisting of doctors, dentists and paramedics, offer physical and psychological help free of charge, enabling many patients to receive the care they need every month. They not only help street children, but also visit prisons and schools, as well as families living in extremely poor conditions. Treatments and check-ups are offered and preventative measures are carried out.

Patient numbers for July 2022

A total of 1469 people received medical treatment from the team in La Paz in June.



Patients on the street Patients in prisons Patients in poverty Patients in schools
 0 - 5 years
102 4 98 12
 6 - 18 years
196 5 329 75
19 - 60 years
342 102 127 1
> 61 years
35 3 41 0
675 111 595 88

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