August 3, 2022

Half a year of MCC


It has been over half a year since the doors of theMother - Child - Center (MCC) in Bogale opened. A lot has happened since then and we can draw a very positive conclusion!

After a long planning and construction phase, interrupted and delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and the highly critical political situation in Myanmarthe MCC was opened in January 2022. It is intended to provide the rural population with access to prenatal care and obstetrics and thus reduce infant and maternal mortality in the region. In addition, the MCC is also available to children for medical treatment and check-ups, as regular check-ups, similar to the German U- examinations in childhood, can detect and treat malformations and illnesses at an early stage, especially in young children.

Almost 30 women visited the MCC in the very first month. Since then, visits have risen to almost 180 per month (June 2022), a six-fold increase since January. The patients are primarily pregnant women who come for check-ups and deliveries. The number of children treated has also been increasing since April. This positive development is an indication that the center is becoming better known and, above all, accepted by the population. As there is still a great deal of mistrust of clinical medicine among the locals, this trend is particularly pleasing. Trust in traditional remedies and home births under unhygienic conditions unfortunately too often end with serious consequences for mother and child.

Thanks to the good patient registration by the head of the MCC Su Myat Ot (known as SuSu), it is also evident that many of the women visited the MCC several times before giving birth and also attended follow-up examinations after the birth. Complications during pregnancy and childbirth can often be avoided through such simple, routine check-ups.

SuSu is of course particularly happy about the many births: 18 little Burmese girls and boys have already seen the light of day at the MCC. A figure to be really proud of.

For the next six months, we hope to have an even more detailed breakdown of the reasons for visits so that we can better assess the success of the center. We assume that the center will continue to grow in popularity and that many more healthy children will be born there this year.


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