November 7, 2019

Project visit Tanzania


At the beginning of October, Dr. Clemens Guth, Managing Director of Artemed SE, Tobias Weber, Managing Director of Chirurgisches Klinikum München Süd and Dr. Veronika Hofmann, Managing Director of Artemed Stiftung made their way to Nyangao. The aim of the visit was to get an idea of the situation on the ground and the current status of the projects and to discuss the cooperation for the coming years. The visitors were impressed by the many advances that have been made since the beginning of 2019, including the commissioning of the newly renovated operating theater and a new wing for wound care. Construction work is currently underway on the Maternity Ward, as the old area was bursting at the seams.

The highlight of the visit was the signing of the agreement to refurbish the hospital's electrical and IT systems - a major project that we are tackling together with Rohde & Schwarz, Munich, and which will certainly keep us busy throughout the coming year.

As a symbol of the cooperation with St. Walburg's Hospital, a mango tree and a passion fruit were planted at the end of the visit.
We hope for a rich harvest!

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