March 4, 2019

Cooperation with Bogale Hospital and volunteer work by Dr. Michael Valet


The medical possibilities of the Irrawaddy River Doctors are limited at the ship clinic. More serious cases have to be referred to the only local hospital, Bogale Hospital. However, the hospital is struggling with huge limitations in terms of both staff and equipment. In order to provide good medical care for the population in the Bogale district, Artemed Stiftung started a cooperation with the hospital last year and would like to support it in improving its equipment and medical quality in the future. As a first step, PD Dr. Michael Valet, Senior Consultant Stroke Unit and Acute Neurology at Benedictus Hospital Tutzing, handed over an ultrasound machine to the hospital's gynecologist at the beginning of January and trained her in its use. The enthusiasm and gratitude of the local team was very great, as this will improve diagnostics immensely.

Furthermore, Dr. Valet also visited the ship of the Irrawaddy River Doctors and, in his capacity as Medical Director of the project, reviewed structures, provided training and gave medical and organizational advice.

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