May 7, 2024

"Lesetalk" for a good cause


Last year, the Hospital zum heiligen Geist hosted a "reading talk" on November 17 to mark the nationwide Read Aloud Day. The topic "Is getting old sexy?" was explored in an entertaining way with the four doctors Dr. Melanie Homburger, Dr. Maryam Mirza Tabatabaei, Dr. Meike Finkenrath and Dr. Boris Abramowski.

Around 150 visitors came to the packed auditorium of the Thomaeum in Kempen to listen to a reading by Susanne Stangl and a panel discussion with doctors. The topics were interesting and aroused curiosity here and there. The event, which was presented in a humorous and relaxed manner, took the edge off the often reserved topics of sexuality (also) in old age, medical problems and similar consequences of ageing. The fifth edition of the reading talk, organized by the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist, was a great success.

The proceeds from the event were donated to Artemed Stiftung . We would like to thank you very much for this important contribution.

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