January 16, 2024

Despair turns into hope


Last year, nurse Birgit Feuchtmayr was on assignment in La Paz, Bolivia, to support the Street Doctors(we reported).

She has also experienced that their help goes far beyond medical care. One example of this is the story of 20-year-old Estrella: Estrella is a young woman who lives on the streets of La Paz - with all that that entails: alcohol, drug use and endless poverty. She had visited the street doctors several times because she was pregnant. They took care of her and carried out check-ups. In particular, they tried to dissuade her from taking drugs so as not to endanger the child's health. Unfortunately without success.

When Ms. Feuchtmayr was on site, Estrella once again came to the Street Doctors at the station base. This time she was no longer pregnant, but she didn't have a child with her either, and when the team asked her, she told them that she had given birth to a girl a few days ago and that her baby daughter had been taken away from her. She had photos and videos of the little girl on her cell phone, which she showed in tears. She was only allowed to take her back when she was no longer taking drugs and a safe home was secured for the baby, she explained. For Estrella, this situation seemed hopeless: she saw no way of achieving these conditions and had actually already decided to give the child up for adoption. However, the Street Doctors encouraged the young mother and promised her support in achieving her goal. At that moment, Estrella needed a sympathetic ear, comfort and encouragement.

Despair turned into hope - now the little girl will soon be able to live with her mother.

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