January 22, 2024

Conclusion of our series: SDG


Imagine getting on an airplane and arriving a few hours later in a place that differs in many ways from what you know.

It is not a different climate or a different culture, the landscape is also the same. What has changed is the way people behave. How they treat each other, how they consume and how they use resources. There seems to be hardly any inequality, everyone is careful to be sustainable and prudent.

It is not just individuals who seem to be making an effort: various authorities and entities are visibly placing great emphasis on designing cities and creating the conditions that make it easy for residents to organize their everyday lives accordingly.

An idea that is impossible? Actually no, because in the 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 10, 11, 12 and 13 aim to achieve precisely these changes: Less inequality, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption. In addition, SDG 14 adds measures for climate protection. Admittedly, these are certainly very ambitious goals that the United Nations has set itself, but they are extremely important for us, our society and global well-being. In fact, achieving them is not completely utopian - at least in large parts, they can certainly be approached with well thought-out strategies.

Anyone who attended our fundraising event at the end of November was already able to gain an insight into what we at Artemed Stiftung are contributing to this: for example, there are the so-called rocket stoves, which we hope will not only improve the health of the population but also lead to more sustainable consumption of wood as a resource and contribute to climate protection. Or the use of artificial intelligence for the early detection of lung diseases in order to further reduce inequalities in medical care.

Sounds exciting? Then take a look at the recording of our event: Here you will learn directly from the experts how it can be possible to get closer to the world outlined above!

This article concludes the series on the SDGs that we started at the beginning of 2023. The remaining 3 goals can be found under the 2030 Agenda. Something new awaits you in 2024: the goals of the World Health Organization.

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