February 22, 2023

Monthly report from Myanmar: Su Sus News and Insights


Every month, our project manager in Myanmar Su Myat Oo (called Su Su) sends us a summary of the activities at the Irrawaddy River Doctors and at the mother and child center. She also gives us an insight into the current situation in the politically unstable Myanmar and the impact this is having on the local people.

We reproduce her impressive report in the original English language. Here are her observations for the month of January:

Dear Dr. Veronika,

I hope you and your family are very well. Our first trip of 2023 has been completed safely and healthy by the end of January. During this trip our team was able to provide medical treatment for 13 villages.

According to out schedule, we started from on January 2 nd and we worked on the boat for 22 days. The ICD results show that in total we could help 1940 patientes. 68 % were general patients (in total: 1315) in and 32 % came due to dental problems (in total: 625); for 154 of them we made laboratory tests. Furthermore, we checked 62 pregnant women, who came for AN care check-up and laboratory tests (49). In January 689 children (under 15) visited us for medical check-ups or medical treatments, including dental help. 19 of the children were younger than one year. In addition, 289 patients could be dewormed.

The focus during the Januray trip was to fight diseasees such as coughing, respiratory infection, headache, Malaria, Dengue, Hepatitis, Syphilis, HIV, diabetes mellitus and different diseases of the skin.

As for dental treatment, we continue provided for the patients related with dental caries, periodontitis, gingivitis, sometimes oral ulcer and tongue ulcer due to sharp edges of the teeth, root rests, and more. The work for our dental team was hence as usual mostly filling procedures, root retaining and shedding of teeth. We also shared knowledge about how to care teeth, and we supported the necessary medicine for some dental patients.

All of our staff are happy that our January trip was completed safely and healthy. During this month we got more patients than expected, because the weather is changing and it is a bit colder this winter. Following there are more sick patients. Some elderly patients have difficultyíes to come to our Boat, so we provided home medical treatment as well. Some patients are always waiting for us and swimming clinic, because it is too difficult for them to go far away for medical treatment. That's why they are always grateful when we arrive.

On the last day of this January trip, all IRD staff made a new year's donation in Pyat Pyee village. The things we served are fried noodles and juice for about 400 peoples. They people were very happy and thanked our team.

In this month, we also visited a village we had never visited before and we gave health education and shared toothpaste and toothbrushes, lotion and mosquito repellent lotion.

Now, the staff go back to their home for holiday and they will return on January 30. I would like to thank to Artemed foundation for you continuing support and love for Myanmar operation.

With Best Regards,

Su Su @ Myanmar

With Best regards,

Su Su

News from the Mother and Child Center, Bogale

In January, 11 babies were born in our MCC. All were born healthy. A total of 202 women visited the center for check-ups, births or follow-up examinations.

Six children under the age of 5 came for a check-up, and two over the age of 5 (6 and 7 years old). The two older children were girls, both of whom were found to be underweight (BMI 14.9 and 13.5); education on proper nutrition was provided.

Take a look at our baby gallery: all children born at the MCC are welcomed here.

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