2. Juni 2022

Monatsbericht aus Myanmar: Su Sus News and Insights


Jeden Monat schickt uns unsere Projektleiterin in Myanmar Su Myat Oo (genannt Su Su) eine Zusammenfassung der Aktivitäten bei den Irrawaddy River Doctors und im Mutter-Kind-Zentrum. Darüber hinaus gewährt sie uns Einsichten in die aktuelle Lage im politisch instabilen Myanmar und welche Auswirkungen dies auf die Menschen vor Ort hat.

Wir geben ihren eindrucksvollen Bericht im Original in Englischer Sprache wieder. Hier sind ihre Beobachtungen für den Monat April:

Dear Dr. Veronika,

I hope you and your family are fine and healthy. I am writing a monthly report to you about our April trip and some activities. Our April trip was successfully completed. I want you to know that the actual situation in Myanmar is really difficult, some families are moved to another place for their safety because the military army strongly attacks those who do not support them. They destroyed some villages and some homes were set on fire mostly in Chin state, Kachin state and Kayin state. As a result, the number of war refugees in Burma is increasing day by day. We are sorry to hear the news. Please pray for Myanmar for peace and justice.

Our April trip had restarted from April 1 to April 11 for 11days. We visited 7 villages for April trip. We treated a total number of 778 patients. In this list, including both general patients (513) in percentage 66% and dental patients (265) in percentage 34% for April trip. 50 pregnant women came to our boat for antenatal care. We did 28 laboratory tests for pregnant women. And a total number of 116 children under 15 years came to our Boat for their medical check-ups. We distributed 100 deworming pills for children under 15 yrs. Total number of children under 1 year is 12.

From April 12 to 17 was Thingyan Holiday (Myanmar Water Festival) which means holidays for the whole country. Normally the streets are full during those days and people are celebrating a lot, but not so this year as you can see from a picture taken in Yangon.

Empty streets during Water Festival 2022

On April 18, our boat team went to Yangon for the annual shipyard check-up. The shipyard duration is from April 19 to May 7 for about 19 days.

While the boat was in the shipyard, our medical team provided medical treatment to refugees from 29 to 30 April for 2 days at IDPs Camp in Wet In Pauk Village, Hlegu Township, Yangon Division. They are fled from Rakhine State. Their population is about 800. We could treat a total number of (532) patients including dental patients. And we distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste for (222) children. We checked 14 pregnant women for ultrasound scanning and laboratory test.

For this IDPs camp, some NGOs and foundatiosn also support food and clothing for them. Some organizations donated wells and toilets and schools. Our IRD team provided medical treatment that is also very important and needed for them. They are very happy and thankful to our team. Sometimes they do not even have food, they just wait for donors. I want to request you to help them as much as you can. Especially, their needs are toilets, wells, food and health care.

After shipyard, our IRD Boat team has returned to Bogale safely and healthy. Now, we are ready for May trip. But currently, we have faced bad weather in Irrawaddy Division due to heavy rains and cyclones storms and flood. However, we will continue to do our best for May Trip. And, some patients are calling the phone to ask when the ship would arrive and they can’t wait to meet with us. We also wanted to help for those who need our help.

In conclusion, I would like to thank to Artemed Stiftung and all the donors. I would like to say that we are still able to do the operation because of your help. It is a pleasure to work with you and thank you for trusting us. Please, pray for Myanmar and IRD staff families. We are always remembering and praying for you. We all hope to see you soon again.

With Best regards,

Su Su


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