18 May 2022

Myanmar's health system at risk of collapse


As early as March 2021, Ms Michelle Bachelet - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - had pointed out the rapid deterioration of the health care Myanmars. The reason: Since the military coup in February 2021, more and more doctors and medical staff have joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) to resist the junta for democracy. Doctors and nurses who have not joined the CDM are also having their work severely affected by persecution and harassment.

Statements to the contrary on the situation in the hospitals come from the current government itself, which is trying to play down the tense situation. However, they do not release exact details on staff and supply.

However, numerous reports from people working in clinics and individual fates confirm the highly tense situation. Moreover, it is feared that "it will take at least 10 years for the health system to recover". An anonymous health expert from the country told Frontier magazine.

Detailed information and concrete examples can be found in the detailed article 'Coup creates public healthcare emergency' by 'Frontier Myanmar(May, 2022).

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